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I've just launched the next project in hideouts called Hideout Showcase
I'm inviting you all to create an account there and let's make it an enormous community there!
I hope to see you all on the other side!

Use this to calculate the costs of a hideout file. It will also tell you which masters you need at what level it also lets you import your own decorations to calculate exactly what you need to pay.

Info about the decorations that you own: What I did to create this file (Tedious) was to just place every decoration I own on the same spot of my hideout. Exported the file and it's ready to use.

EDIT: Because of populair demand I've added the total amount of decorations to the requirements list :-)

Upload hideout file
Upload the decorations that you own

Decoration name Buy from Master level Costs Amount Total costs

Used Siveran's template for the same look and feel
   Template | Source Code | Dataset
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